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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Composition and function of the School Management Committee.
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(1)    A School Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee)consisting of elected representatives of the local authority, parents or guardians of children admitted in such school and teachers as provided in sub-section (1)of section 21 shall be constituted in every school, referred to in sub-clause (i) of clause (n) of section 2 within six months from the appointed date and reconstituted every two years:
       Provided that where the child of a member has left or completed his studies in that school, such member shall be replaced by a parent selected at random from among the parents or guardians of the children of that category, for the remaining term of the Committee:
      Provided further that, no member other than an ex-officio member-convenor/joint-convenor and the ward member of the local authority, shall serve as a member of the Committee for more than two terms.
(2)    The total membership of the Committee in a school having student strength below seven hundred and fifty, shall not exceed sixteen excluding the member-convenor and the joint-convenor if any.
(3)   The quorum of the Committee shall be nine.
(4)   Where the student strength exceeds seven hundred and fifty, the membership shall be raised to twenty   excluding the convenor and the joint convenor if any and the quorum in such cases shall be eleven.
(5)   Seventy-five per cent of the strength of the Committee shall be from amongst parents or guardians of children.
(6) Representatives of the Mother-Parent-Teacher Association, parents of SC/ST students, and weaker section and parents of children with special needs, shall be included in the Committee: Provided that proportionate representation shall be given to parents representing disadvantaged and weaker section.
(7)   The remaining twenty-five per cent of the strength of the Committee shall be from amongst the following persons, namely:—(a) the ward/ division member of the local authority of the locality inwhich the school is situated;          (b) one teacher from the school to be decided by the teachers of the school;          (c) one member from amongst local educationists to be decided by the parents;
(d) the school leader: Provided that fifty per cent of the members shall be women.

(8)   To manage its affairs, the Committee shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from among the       members who are representatives of parents.
(9)  The Head Teacher or where the school does not have a Head Teacher, the Teacher-in-charge shall be the ex-officio member-convenor of the Committee. In schools having classes up to standard twelve, the Principal shall be the ex-officio member-convenor and the Head Teacher shall be the joint convenor.
(10)   The Convenor of the Committee shall be competent to invite up to three persons at a time as Special Invitees to offer advice on specific issues like child protection, health and nutrition, child psychology and on matters relating to construction activities undertaken by the Committee: Provided that no such person shall constitute the quorum or be eligible to vote.
(11)  The members of the Committee shall participate in the capacity building training courses conducted  by the Government to facilitate the effective functioning of the Committee.

(12)   The Committee shall meet at least once in two months in the school premises and the decisions shall be taken by majority votes.
(13)  The minutes of the meetings shall be properly recorded and made available to the public through the school notice board and the school’s website.
(14)  The Assistant Educational Officer shall ensure the timely constitution of the Committee, organize training of the members and shall facilitate its proper functioning.

(15)  The Committee shall, in addition to the functions under clauses (a) to(d) of sub-section (2) of section 21, namely:—
(i)   monitor the working of the school;
(ii)  prepare and recommend school development plan;
(iii) monitor the utilisation of the grants received from the State Government or local authority or any other source; and
(iv)  perform such other functions as may be prescribed.It shall also perform the following functions, namely:—
(a)  communicate in simple and creative ways to the population in the neighbourhood of the school, the rights of the child, the duties of the Government, local authority, school, parent and guardian under the Act;
(b)  ensure that a teacher maintains regularity and punctuality in attending school; holds regular meetings with parents and guardians and appraise them about the regularity in attendance, ability to learn, progress made in learning and any other relevant information about the child;
(c)  ensure that no teacher is deployed for non-educational purposes other than those specified in section 27 of the Act;
(d)  ensure that no teacher is engaging in private tuition or private teaching activity;
(e)  arrange to monitor the achievement of the expected learning outcome of the children as specified by the academic authority, with the help of experts and shall also pay attention to student absenteeism and teacher
absenteeism, and take necessary steps to provide teachers against short leave vacancies having duration of below one academic year from the panel of teachers maintained by the local authority, at the rate of remuneration fixed by the Director of Public Instruction;
(f) ensure that teachers are not burdened with non-academic duties other than those specified in section 27;
(g) ensure the enrollment and continued attendance of all the children from the neighbourhood in the school so as to ensure zero-dropout rate in the school. Children not attending school continuously for more than fifteen working days shall be placed under the category of dropouts and the Committee shall make efforts to bring them back through remedial measures.
(h)  monitor the maintenance of the norms and standards specified in the Schedule and that in the Kerala Education Act and Rules issued there under and ensure effective utilization of the school resources;
(i)  bring to the notice of the local authority and education authorities, any deviation from the rights of the child, in particular mental and physical harassment of children, denial of admission and timely provision of free entitlements under sub-section (2) of section 3;
(j)  identify the needs, prepare a plan and monitor the implementation of the provisions of section 4;
(k)  ensure provision for remedial and enrichment coaching for children with special needs, late enrollments and slow learners and conduct of meetings of Class Parent-Teacher Association and Mother-Parent-Teacher Association regularly by the teachers;
(l)  monitor the identification and enrollment of, and facilities for education of children with disability, and ensure their participation in and completion of elementary education;
(m)  monitor the implementation of the mid-day meal in the school;
(n)  mobilize support and resources from the local authority, the public and other agencies for providing better facilities for both academic and co-curricular activities;
(o)  prepare an annual account of receipts and expenditure of the school for the amounts received by the Committee.

(16)   Any money received by the Committee for the discharge of its functions under the Act, shall be kept in a joint account of the chairman and the convenor of the Committee and shall be audited annually by a chartered accountant engaged by the Committee and presented before its annual meeting along with audited  report.
(17)   The accounts referred to in clause (o) of sub-rule (16) shall be signed by the chairperson or vice-chairperson and convener of the said committee and made available to the Assistant Educational Officer  within one month of their preparation.
(18)  Utilization certificate in respect of funds received by the School Management Committee shall be submitted to the authority granting such funds, within two months of incurring the expenditure or within two months of the next financial year, whichever, is earlier.

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